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原来如此英语视频系列:推特 Twitter

2015-09-09    来源:网络    【      美国外教 在线口语培训

推特 Twitter





So, what are you doing? It's one of the first questions we often ask friends and family. Even if the answer is just mowing the lawn or cooking dinner, it's interesting to us. It makes us feel connected and a part of each other's lives.

Unfortunately, most of our day-to-day lives are hidden from people that care. Of course, we have email and blogs and phones to keep us connected, but you wouldn't send an email to a friend to tell him you're having coffee. Your friend doesn't need to know that.

But what about people that want to know about the little things that happen in your life? Real life happens between blog posts and emails and now there's a way to share. This is Twitter in Plain English.

Thanks to Twitter, it's possible to share short, bite-sized updates about your life and follow the updates of people that matter to you via the web. Here's how it works.

Meet Carla. She's addicted to her mobile phone, reads blogs every day and has contacts all over the world. She heard about Twitter and was skeptical. After some of her friends couldn't stop talking about it, she gave it a try. She signed up for free and saw that Twitter pages look a little like blogs with very shory posts. Each page is personal and has updates from friends.

She got started by looking up friends on Twitter.com. After finding a few, she clicked "follow" to starting seeing their updates on her Twitter page. Within hours, she began to see a different side of people she chose to follow. She didn't know that Steven in Seattle was a baseball fan, or that Julia in London was reading a new investment book.

The little messages from Twitter painted a picture of her friends, family and co-workers that she'd never seen before, it was the real world. Soon she became a fan of Twitter and posted updates every day. Her friends followed her updates and learned that she recently discovered a passion for Van Halen. They could see Carla's life between blog posts and emails.
Twitter勾勒出朋友、同事的完整形象,让卡拉重新认识大家。她也迷上了Twitter天天刷“微博”。卡拉更新了Twitter。大家发现她最近爱上了Van Halen乐队。大家开始了解博客和邮件以外的卡拉。

For Carla, Twitter worked because it was simple. The updates were always short under 140 characters. Plus, she could post updates and follow her friends using the Twitter website, software on her browser, a mobile phone or instant messages. By asking members to answer the question "what are you doing?" Carla found that Twitter brought her closer to people that matter to her 140 characters at a time. Find out what your friends are doing at Twitter.com.

I'm Lee LeFever and this has been Twitter in Plain English.

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